Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra field trip: 

Adventures in Music: One Voice

March 11th, 1:00 p.m. 2015

(Permission slips will go home: TBA )

Adventures in Music: One Voice

Grades 4 - 6 students will be attending an exciting concert full of music, dancing and drama presented by the WSO entitled Adventures in Music: One Voice. The theme for the concert is "freedom", "rights" and "equality" and ties nicely into the opening of Canadian Museum of Human Rights. For this concert, we learn and study all of the music before attending the show so when students hear the music performed, they already know it well and have a deep appreciation for the pieces.

Many of the musical selections are well known classical pieces (from the famous works of Dvorak and Prokofiev) and others are popular pieces from famous movies such as Superman and popular artists such as "K'Naan" and "The Walin' Jennys".

Specific lessons and activities are designed in advance for each piece of music allowing the students to connect with the music. These activities involve movement, dance, dramatic play, art making, singing, playing and writing. Learning the music is quite an undertaking but what fun and great appreciation for the music the students gain from the experience. It all culminates in an amazing concert showcasing wonderful music played by Winnipeg musicians and performers sometimes even students!

Check out some of the music below:

(Conducted by Cicero Alves)

Going Home
Largo from The New World Symphony, no. 9
by Anton Dvorak

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