The Music Room


Welcome to the music room at École St. Germain. 

A wonderful and inviting place to explore, make music, play, sing, dance and have lots of fun. 

Take a photo tour through our classroom and check out some of our activities, tools and instruments!

Music "bee" bulletin board for vocal warm-ups to improve our singing

Our "music du monde" or music of the world bulletin board

The barred instruments
(These are metallophones and glockenspiels)

The barred instruments
(also known as xylophones, metallophones and glockenspiels)

The African drums: tubanos
(we are so lucky to have a large class set!)

The "tempo", "orchestral instruments" and "treble staff" bulletin boards

Our music room rules
(to keep us happy, safe and making beautiful music!)

The contra-bass bars and the hand drums

The instruments and the piano

"Les élèves disent" wall
(you should check out some of the amazing quotes from kids in the music classroom!)

Stuffies for story telling, movement and vocal exploration

Movement balls

White board markers for our "petits tableaus blancs"
(our own personal, mini whiteboards for writing music)

The xylophone board
(for Mme Flett to teach us the patterns for barred instruments before we go to play the instruments)

The xylophone board

 Our instruments

The whole classroom

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