Recorder Karate

Students are now welcomed to bring home their recorder to practice but they must bring it back by the next music day :)

Welcome to my Recorder Karate page!

As a part of music class at E.M.U. we play the recorder or the "flûte à bec", and have a program called Recorder Karate to motivate students. Students can earn different coloured belts for each song they learn and accurately play. Recorder Karate takes place mostly during recesses and is voluntary. We are lucky to have several grade four students who often volunteer to help coach the grade threes who are new to recorder.

The colour order for the belts is similar to karate: white, yellow and orange (sometimes we do orange before yellow), green, purple, blue, red, brown and black.

Sometimes we substitute songs for different belts, add "special" belts (from my own or student suggestions) and of course have advanced belts for students who have finished all of the other belts and are keen to continue to the next level.

Sheet music is available in the music room, and on my website (see below) for students who would like to practice at home!

Keep scrolling past the music for videos (with my funny faces!) of the songs. 
(all videos, soon to come)

(Students, please feel free to find your own sheet music or to suggest music for other belts!)

White belt: Hot Cross Buns

Orange belt: Merrily We Roll Along

Yellow Belt: Gently Sleep

Green Belt: Who Has Seen the Wind/It's Raining, It's Pouring

Purple Belt: Old MacDonald Had a Farm/Draw a Bucket of Water

Blue Belt: When the Saints Go Marching In

Red Belt: Twinkle Twinkle

Brown Belt: Amazing Grace

Black Belt: Ode to Joy

Students, please feel free to find your own sheet music or to suggest music for other belts!

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